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One major advantage to our mechanical trading system revolves around the quantifiability of our data. Coddington Capital does not need to rely on forecasting the future, Instead we have embraced a little math and common sense mechanics to identify appropriate investment opportunities. Perhaps the most valuable component to our mechanical system of probabilities is that each and every method we use can be backtested and justified, on any stock, during any past trading period, using any strategy.


In this section you will find many of the game changing studies that have helped Coddington Capital Management design our trading methodology. We are more than eager to share the results of some of what we hope could become the foundation for the future of not only managed investing, but the entire investment industry.

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“In this case if you traded the SPY (The S&P 500 ETF) without trade management you lost every month no matter what. October and November wiped out all your profits and you ended up net negative for the year. If you only traded when implied volatility rank was over 50% and managed your winners between 25-50% of max profit, you were profitable for the year.”



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